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NCSX Conceptual Design Review
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DOE Review Committee Report (pdf)

DOE Project Manager´s Perspective (pdf) - G. Pitonak

NCSX Conceptual Design Review Agenda (pdf)

NCSX Project Overview (ppt) - H. Neilson

Physics Overview (ppt) - M. Zarnstorff

Engineering Overview (ppt) - W. Reiersen

WBS 1: Stellarator Overview (ppt) - B. Nelson

WBS 1: Stellarator Overview (movie) - B. Nelson

Manufacturing and R&D (ppt) - P. Heitzenroeder

Modular Coil Winding and Machine Assembly (ppt) - J. Chrzanowski

WBS 6: Facility Systems (ppt) - L. Dudek

WBS 4: Power Systems (ppt) - S. Ramakrishnan

Mission and Plans (ppt) - M. Zarnstorff

WBS 3: Diagnostics (ppt) - D. Johnson

ES &H (ppt) - J. Levine

WBS 2: Heating, Fueling, Pumping (ppt) - H. Kugel

WBS 5: Central I&C/Data Acquisition (ppt) - Oliaro

Magnetic Surfaces - Reiman (pdf)

Stability (pdf) - G.Y. Fu

Transport (pdf) - D. Mikkelsen

Flexibility (doc) (pdf) - N. Pomphrey

Discharge Evolution (pdf) - E. Lazarus

Power and Partical Handling (ppt) - P. Mioduszewski

Impact of Coil Tolerances on Magnetic Surface Quality (ppt) - A. Brooks

NCSX Management Overview (ppt) - H. Neilson

NCSX Project Scope and Completion (ppt) - H. Neilson

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