NCSX Preliminary Design Review - October 7-9, 2003
The NCSX Preliminary Design Review (PDR) is the critical technical review in a series of reviews which was used to establish the performance baseline for the NCSX Project. The PDR was organized by PPPL and chaired by Carl Strawbridge, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Deputy Head of the Spallation Neutron Source Project. The project presented a proposed performance baseline, that is, the self-consistent performance, scope, cost, and schedule baselines for the project. The presented baseline is denoted on the "PDR Baseline." The main objectives of this review were:

1) establish the technical soundness of the performance baseline, and

2) obtain feedback and recommendations from experts on how the project's design, plans, cost and schedule estimates, and management could be improved.

The modular coils and the vacuum vessel are the critical NCSX subsystems, i.e., the ones that are the most technically challenging and pose the greatest risk to the cost and schedule. All other subsystems have much lower risk- they are either adaptations of existing equipment or new equipment based on proven designs. The PDR covered all NCSX subsystems, but placed special emphasis on the modular coils and vacuum vessel. The final panel report was issued in late October 2003.

NCSX PDR Recommendations Disposition Plan (February 7, 2004)

NCSX PDR Panel Final Report

NCSX PDR Baseline Documentation (Preliminary Design Report)

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Committee Report Outline

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