Modular Coil Turning Fixture FDR - Charge to Reviewers


The Modular Coil Turning Fixture FDR is the final internal checkpoint before authorizing its fabrication. Please address the following questions:


        Have the models and drawings defining the turning fixture been checked (reviewed for consistency, completeness, and adherence to drawing standards), and are ready for signature and promotion to Final Design Release Level? Yes.


Have adequate calculations been performed? Have they been checked? Yes.


Does the winding fixture represent an adequate design solution - i.e., does it provide an efficient, cost-effective platform for winding all three types of modular coils? Yes.


Recognizing that this is, of necessity, a fixture requiring motion with personnel working nearby, have the safety aspects been adequately addressed? There will be a safety walk-thru before it is put into operation.


Is the presented acquisition (manufacturing) plan reasonable? Current plan is to purchase the rings and fabricate the rest in house.


Is there adequate documentation for the portions which will be outsourced? Yes. Drawings alone are sufficient for procurement of the rings and misc. parts.


Are the projected costs and schedules consistent with the baseline? Yes.