A peer review of the NCSX Vacuum Vessel Ports on will be held on Thursday, January 29 at 3:00 in the Engineering Conference Room.

Charge to Committee: 

Is the vacuum vessel port arrangement (size, number, and location) adequate for the NCSX program?


The ports to be shown are feasible, including adequate clearances to other components

- during assembly (everything at room temperature),
- during operation (coils cold, VV at RT to 40C)
- during bake-out (coils cold, VV at 350C)


Committee Chair: Larry Dudek
Dave Johnson
Paul Goranson
Dave Williamson
RLM Phil Heitzenroeder
Cognizant Engineer: Mike Cole 

Hutch Neilson
Mike Zarnstorff
Wayne Reiersen
Mike Viola
Bob Simmons
Brent Stratton
Mike Kalish
Tom Brown
Henry Kugel
Dick Majeski
Tim Stevenson
Bill Blanchard
Bob Parsells
Geoff Gettelfinger

Mike Cole will send out background material to everyone on the list.