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Engineering >Design Reviews >WBS 4 Ground Plane Cutting in the NCSX Test Cell
Review Title Ground Plane Cutting  NCSX Test Cell
Date 21 April 2004
Cognizant Engineer Raki Ramakrishnan
Responsible Line Manager Al vonHalle
Review Board Chairperson Erik Perry
Review Board Members Wayne Reiersen, Larry Dudek,
Invitees Jerry Levine (QA), Rick Borusovic, Art Brooks, Don McBride, R. Majeski
Design Review Material Announcement


Chits and Disposition (NO CHITS GENERATED)

Review Board Report  
Items Reviewed

Sat Unsat


Appropriate requirements identified    
Development plans and schedules    
Regulatory compliance including USQD and NEPA    
Disposition of CHITS from previous reviews     N/A
Cost objectives     Not Covered

Other review objectives addressed

(Attachment 4 of ENG-033)


Summary of Results

The charge to this committee was to review the planned disposition of the existing copper ground plan embedded in the NCSX test cell floor.


Discussed at this review was the location of proposed cuts to the existing ground sheet to minimize field errors.  Also, discussed was the planned cutting method and schedule.  There were no chits generated and the review committee agreed that this work should proceed as planned. 



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1  Acceptable pending resolution of concerns - CHITS identified above must be resolved   prior to installation.
1 Incomplete - Additional design work is required prior to another design review.

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