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Engineering > Design Review > WBS 142
Review Title Modular Coil Electrical Joint Peer Review
Date 24 April 2006
Cognizant Engineer Dave Williamson
Responsible Line Manager Brad Nelson
Review Board Chairperson Charlie Neumeyer
Review Board Members Bob Woolley, Mike Williams, Larry Dudek, Geoff Gettelfinger, Phil Heitzenroeder, Paul Fogarty
Invitees Wayne Reiersen, Charlie Neumeyer, Robert Woolley, Mike Williams, Larry Dudek, Geoff Gettelfinger, Phil Heitzenroeder, Mike Cole, Paul Fogarty, John Edwards, Tom Meighan, Steve Raftopoulos, Hutch Neilson, Brad Nelson, Jim Chrzanowski, Mike Zarnstorff, Jerry Levine, Judy Malsbury, Gregg Pitonak, Jeff Makiel, Bob Simmons,
Attendees Mike Cole, Larry Dudek, Paul Fogarty, Geoff Gettelfinger, Phil Heitzenroeder, Tom Meighan, Hutch Neilson, Brad Nelson, Steve Raftopoulos, Bob Simmons, Mike Williams, Dave Williamson, Mike Zarnstorff
Charge 1. Has adequate testing been performed to proceed with implementation? Yes

2. Have all credible risks been adequately addressed? Yes

3. Have special risks to C1 [already VPI'd] been adequately addressed? Yes

4. Are the design and procedure revisions adequately documented to proceed with implementation? Not Yet; procedure needs to be reviewed by persons with relevant experience before proceeding with soldering?

Design Review Material


Chits and Disposition

Review Committee Report

Review Board Report
Items Reviewed

Sat Unsat


Appropriate requirements identified    Design to fit given space and current
Development plans and schedules Not Presented
Regulatory compliance including USQD and NEPA   Not Presented
Disposition of CHITS from previous reviews   Not Presented
Cost objectives   Not Presented

Other review objectives addressed

(Attachment 4 of ENG-033)

  Comments/exceptions below

Summary of Results

 Presentation was made by J. Chrzanowski. Basically, due to issues related to imperfect fit-up of the joint, consisting of a tapered male section mating with a female connector, it has been concluded that some sort of modification are needed to 1) restore desired electrical conductivity on the joints of the already fabricated C-1 and C-2 coils for which modification of the basic joint design is virtually impossible at this time, and 2) ensure desired electrical conductivity on the joints of remaining coils for which connector parts have been fabricated but can be modified.  It is proposed to supplement the mechanical joining of the connecting parts by soldering, with the aim of increasing the cross sectional area available to current flow.  There are various concerns related to this process which were addressed at the review.  There is also a concern that the behavior of the joint has not been quantified at this time so that the criticality of joint resistance, and the meaning of resistance measurements made thus far, are not well understood.  More work needs to be done in this area to determine what processing and/or modifications should be performed on subsequent coils after C-1 & C-2.  And to determine what precision is necessary in making the joint resistance measurements.  Until this work is done, it was the consensus of the group that the soldering operation should proceed on C-1 & C-2, since soldering will surely not detract from the performance of the joint.  As explained in the presentation, precautions will be taken during the soldering process to prevent damage to the C-1 epoxy insulation, since it has already been impregnated.  Also, the C-1 coil will be subject to prototype tests at full load current so that any serous joint issues should be exposed at that time.  Fourteen (14) chits were generated (summary list attached).  Those directly related to the proposed soldering operation (5, 7, 10, 11) shall be resolved prior to proceeding with same.


(check  one)

 1  Acceptable
  Acceptable pending resolution of concerns - CHITS identified above must be resolved prior to installation.
 1 Incomplete - Additional design work is required prior to another design review.

Cog Engineer Close-out

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 1 Action required by Disposition is complete

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