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Engineering > Design Review > WBS 3
Review Title Rogowski Coil High Temperature PDR
Date 12 June 2007
Cognizant Engineer George Labik
Responsible Line Manager Larry Dudek
Review Board Chairperson Larry Dudek
Review Board Members Stefan Gerhardt, Robert Kaita, Jon Menard, Wayne Reiersen, Brent Stratton, Mike Zarnstorff, Larry Dudek
Invitees George Labik, Larry Guttadora, Larry Dudek, Jon Menard, Bob Kaita, Wayne Reiersen, Stefan Gerhardt, Tom Brown, Brent Stratton, Mike Zarnstorff, Tom Meighan, Jim Chrzanowski, Geoff Gettelfinger, Bob Kaita, Mike Viola
Attendees George Labik,, Larry Guttadora, Larry Dudek, Jon Menard, Bob Kaita, Wayne Reiersen, Stefan Gerhardt, Tom Brown, Brent Stratton, Mike Zarnstorff, Tom Meighan

1 Are the requirements defined and documented?

Defined and documented in the PDR presentation

2. Will the design meet performance requirements?

The design meets all the requirements

3. Is the design adequately underpinned by analysis and testing?

Yes. A representative mockup was constructed, tested by Stefan Gerhardt and Larry Guttadora and results are presented in the PDR.

4. Have failure modes and effects been considered?  Have appropriate provisions for recovery been made?

Failure of the Rogowski coil system (design flaw) would be a significant negative impact to the program since access to the coils would be basically not possible. If all three coils failed a new design for installation inside the vacuum vessel is proposed.

 Failure is anticipated to be mechanical damage. The design is robust and the location forms a barrier to impact from large assembly components and should not be harmed from small component impacts. The coils are most susceptible after installation but before and especially during field period assembly (6 packs). The twisted leads are to be placed into a flexible SS hose and wrapped around the vessel next to the Rogowski protective outer sheath before the three field periods are welded. If mechanical failure occurred there should be  time to replace the damaged coil. Welding should not be an issue. There is reasonable access even after the modular coils are installed for replacement to be accomplished. If twisted leads are damaged other than at the mandrel a repair is most likely.

 An electrical failure would require an outside agency and only through the connecting wiring or failure of electronics components. A flexible SS protective sheath will protect the twisted coaxial leads up to the junction box. If these modes of failure would disable a Rogowski it would be a single failure and there are two spares planned.

5. Have design and implementation risks been identified and properly mitigated?

The design and installation location has been discussed with Tom Brown and cognizant physics personnel and the design is acceptable from the stand point of function and implementation. The design and fabrication has been discussed with personnel who would perform the fabrication at PPPL and who produced the prototype and the implementation is judged to be reasonably straight forward. 

The prototype was fit up to VV2 and reviewed with personnel who will install the coil and the design was thought to be acceptable for installation.

The installation risk is considered low.

Design Review Material


Chits and Disposition


Review Board Report
Items Reviewed

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Appropriate requirements identified    
Development plans and schedules
Regulatory compliance including USQD and NEPA    
Disposition of CHITS from previous reviews    
Cost objectives  

Other review objectives addressed

(Attachment 4 of ENG-033)


Summary of Results



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 1 Acceptable
  1 Acceptable pending resolution of concerns - CHITS identified above must be resolved prior to installation.
  1 Incomplete - Additional design work is required prior to another design review.

Cog Engineer Close-out

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 1 Action required by Disposition is complete

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