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NCR # Originator RAP # Open Date Status Item Nonconforming Condition PPPL/Supplier
WBS 13 - Coils
SC07017 Everson Tesla NA 4/9/2007 CLOSED Coil 1 Parts conform ? Drawing but don't comply to plastic made that was machined to the low side Supplier
SC07028 Everson Tesla NA 6/27/2007 CLOSED Coil 3 Wedge W08 with false cut was detailed in photographs and DR report Supplier
SC07033 Everson Tesla NA 7/17/2007 CLOSED Coil 1 Lead position location of one lead 3/8" off center Supplier
SC07034 Everson Tesla NA 7/1707 CLOSED Coil 2 O-Ring Material, Separation of wedge from coil #2 of the conclusion of the one stop VPI Supplier
SC07036 Everson Tesla NA 7/24/2007 CLOSED Coil 4 Wedge W11 & W12 with ???? Supplier
SC07038 Everson Tesla NA 8/6/2007 CLOSED Coil 1 Cold test temperature -193C, resistance -.00478 ohms, diagnostic loop wire on center within .015" Supplier
SC07039 Everson Tesla NA 8/7/2007 CLOSED Coil 1 MPO .53028 page 7 .037" Supplier
SC07043 Everson Tesla NA 8/17/2007 CLOSED Coil 2 See attached Supplier
SC07046 Everson Tesla NA 8/28/2007 CLOSED Coil 2 MPO page #18 - the max. allowable Supplier
SC07049 Everson Tesla NA 9/12/2007 CLOSED Coil 5 Minor Porosity in 3 lb. sst coatings wedge W09-W10 Supplier
SC07052 Everson Tesla NA 9/27/2007 CLOSED Coil 4 Areas of dry glass/air, 12" wide -4ft. Left of lead, 16" wide - 3ft. Right of lead Supplier
SC07053 Everson Tesla NA 9/27/2007 CLOSED Coil 3 Coil #3 outer area dry glass/air Supplier
SC07058 Everson Tesla NA 10/26/2007 CLOSED Coil 5 MPO Page 32 resistance is 4.69 Supplier
SC08005 Everson Tesla NA 2/7/2008 CLOSED Coil 9 & 14 Chromium content exceeds specification spec 1.77/18.2% actual is 18.5% Supplier
SC08006 Everson Tesla NA 2/5/2008 CLOSED Coil 10 W20 & W30 wedges false holes in the inside face of both wedges Supplier
SC08007 Everson Tesla NA 2/18/2008 CLOSED Coil 9 Coil #9 area of dry areas (see attached pictures) Supplier
SC08010 Everson Tesla NA 2/26/2008 CLOSED Coil 8 & 10 Nickel content exceeds specification spec. 13/5/14.0% actual is 14.2% Supplier
SC08013 Everson Tesla NA 3/19/2008 CLOSED Coil 10 Machine operator crashed tool holder into tope wedge of coil #10 prior to machining. Supplier
SC08019 Everson Tesla NA 4/16/2008 CLOSED Coil 12 & 13 Tensile strength below 531 n/mm2 specification 537.8 n/mm2 minimum Supplier
SC08020 Everson Tesla NA 4/15/2008 CLOSED Coil 13 Dimensional Tolerances Supplier
SC08022 Everson Tesla NA 1/2/2008 CLOSED Coil 8 & 12 Tensile strength requirement 537.8 minimum N/mm2 Supplier
SC08023 Everson Tesla NA 1/2/2008 CLOSED Coil 8 & 12 Elongation requirement of 32% minimum is 58-ok, 35-0k, 27 *> Supplier
SC08027 Everson Tesla NA 5/1/2008 CLOSED Coil 14 Wedges W 22 & W26 with false cuts as detailed in photographs attached. Supplier
SC08032 Everson Tesla NA 5/21/2008 CLOSED Coil 13 Dimensional Tolerances Supplier
SC08035 Everson Tesla NA 6/19/2008 CLOSED Coil 14 Ring test measures 14 rings and should be 32 rings minimum resistance check on diagnostic wire shows there is a short in area, where lead wires are twisted. This is causing the low rings test reading on the coil. Supplier
SC08036 Everson Tesla NA 7/9/2008 CLOSED Coil 17 Wedge W2 (C49) with false cut as detailed in photograph attached. Supplier
SC08038 Everson Tesla NA 7/17/2008 CLOSED Coil 15 .100" deep false cut on bottom wedge ref. attached photos Supplier
SC08043 Everson Tesla NA 7/24/2008 CLOSED Coil 17 .04" of extra material is missing from 10 surface. This extra material is needed to ensure complete cleanup at final machining after assembly. Supplier
SC08045 Everson Tesla NA 9/11/2008 CLOSED Coil 17 Ring test measures 17 rings after WPI and should be 32 ring minimum. Resistance check on diagnostic wire shows there is short in area where lead wires are twisted. This is causing the low ring test reading on the coil Supplier
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