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Structural and Cryogenic Design Criteria (Rev. 0) have been developed for the NCSX stellarator, largely based on previous work on the TPX.  Please use these criteria where applicable and forward comments and corrections to

Seismic Design Criteria (Rev. 0)This document summarizes and interprets the Department of Energy requirements for the NCSX Project with respect to seismic loading.  First a simplified static analysis and its applicability is presented for use.  Following is a more thorough analysis of the pertinent requirements and how they apply to the design of equipment and components in the NCSX Test Cell.

Bolted Joint Design Handbook (Rev. 0) The purpose of this document is to define the methodology to be used in evaluating the performance of a bolted joint on the NCSX project.  The methodology is derived from engineering practices discussed in the referenced documents.  This handbook is complementary and supplemental to the NCSX Structural and Cryogenic Design Criteria (NCSX-CRIT-CRYO-00).

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