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The NCSX Risk Register is the vehicle for documenting identified risks, risk mitigation activities, affected jobs, ownership responsibilities, retirement deadlines, likelihood, consequences, estimated impacts and their bases, and the risk level classification. The Risk Register is intended to be a "living document" that will be updated to add, modify, and/or retire risks.


Any person on the project may submit a Risk Register item using the Risk Register Input Form as linked below.  Additionally, a link to the latest version of the Risk Register (in pdf format) is also provided. 


The Risk Register Input Form contains the following information that needs to be provided by the person submitting the request:


Risk Register Column Title

Completed by Submitter?

Risk Number


Will be assigned by the NCSX Project Office - leave blank on Form
Affected Jobs Yes List the jobs that will absorb the risk if it materializes
Risk Description Yes Description describing thhe negative outcome (or in the case of an opportunity, the positive outcome), that might occur if not successfully mitigated.
Mitigation Plan Yes Describes the budgeted tasks or activities to reduce the consequences.  Identifies the Job number where the mitigation activity is budgeted in the project baseline.  Note that the mitigation responsibility is often in a different job from the affected job.
Deadline to Retire the Risk Yes Sets a date (or event) when the risk will be retired.  If not retired, when the consequences will be accepted and contingency drawn, if necessary, to cover it. Note: Should be linked to an item/milestone/event on the Resource Loaded Schedule -- if not propose a new event to be added to the Resource Loaded Schedule.
Owner Yes The person assigned by the Project to be responsible for reporting the status of the risk. Can be the job manager responsible for the mitigation effort, the job manager of the affected job, or a line manager. Can change with time.
Current Status Yes Status of the risk and any mitigation activities. The owner is responsible for keeping this information up to date => may be updated anytime, but at a minimum at the monthly Job Stat using Meeting.
Likelihood of Occurrence Yes Probability that the risk will materialize - See Table Below for guidance => Select probability of occurrence and then enter appropriate likelihood classification.
Consequence No Categorization of impact - Project Office will complete this based on Monte Carlo Risk Based Model.
Risk Ranking No Categorization dependent upon identified likelihood and impact assessments provided by submitter - Project Office will complete this based on Monte Carlo Risk Based Model.
Basis of Estimate Yes Submitter will briefly describe what the cost and schedule impacts were based upon.
Cost Impact (K$) Yes Submitter's estimate of cost impact if risk materializes.
Schedule Impact (Months) Yes Only schedule impact against critical path => if not impacting critical path, put 0 -- otherwise put in impact in months on the critical path.


Risk Likelihood of Occurrence


Probability of Occurrence

Very Likely (VL)

P 80%

Likely (L)

80%< P 40%

Unlikely (U)

40% < P 10%

Very Unlikely (VU)

10% < P 1%

Not Credible (NC)

P < 1%

  • Risk Register Input Form => click here to download the Form - when completed, forward to the H. Neilson and Bob Simmons with copy to the Responsible Line Manager (Phil Heitzenroeder/Larry Dudek/Al vonHalle) and Ron Stykowsky.

  • Latest version of the NCSX Project Risk Register  (each includes Record of Changes page, Risk Register, Risks Retired and/or Deleted, and a Summary/Trend Analysis Page)

    • Sorted by Risk Register Item => Click here to view  

    • Sorted by Owner => Click here to view 

    • Sorted by Risk Estimate => Click here to view

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