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Vacuum Materials Committee The Vacuum Materials Committee (VMC) was re-chartered on 31 January 2004 by Mike Williams.  The role of the VMC is as follows:

The role of the Vacuum Materials Committee will be to review and approve materials and related processes (e.g., cleaning) to be incorporated into the vacuum systems (and appendages) of major PPPL experimental devices. The Committee will meet as necessary and maintain a database of acceptable materials and related processes. It will be the responsibility of each Project to develop procedures (reviewed by this committee) identifying the materials and/or related processes specific to the device's vacuum requirements.

The membership of the Vacuum Materials Committee is listed in the table below.  Please direct you inquiries to Bill Blanchard (chair).

Member Phone e-mail
Bill Blanchard (Chair) 609.243.2476
Steve Raftopoulos 609.243.3626
Henry Kugel 609.243.3146
Dave Gates 609.243.2837
Tom Provost 609.243.2508
Joe Winston 609.243.2745


Record of Inquiries  
Date Topic
18 Feb 2004 Surface pitting on polished plate

Outgassing data

TFTR vacuum materials classification

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