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NEW!  20 September 2004 -

A zip file containing STEP files of all the winding forms for QPS has been placed in the QPS stellarator device sub-folder titled (prototype_winding_form) which can be accessed by clicking the button above.    The winding form x3eqps141a11-1 has been modified to show an extrusion that will be needed during winding. See power point file (winding-form_11-1.ppt) that is included.  The zip file placed on April 28, 2004 was removed. (Note:   The full path to the QPS ftp site is: ftp://ftp.pppl.gov/pub/qps/. The full path to the QPS prototype_winding_form folder is: ftp://ftp.pppl.gov/pub/qps/manuf/prototype_winding_form/.  )