NCSX Physics Meetings

Mechanical Realignment of Modular Coils to Mitigate Field Errors from As-Built Coils
(ppt 2.8 MB) A. Brooks (4/26/2007)

The FESAC Priorities Panel Discussion (pdf 232 KB) M. Zarnstorff (5/13/04)

Update of Magnetic Boundary Modeling (ppt) P. Mioduszewski (12/2/03)

Kaiser (pdf) (12/2/03)

Grossman (pdf) (12/2/03)

NCSX First Wall (pdf) (12/2/03)

ISW Highlights

ISW Transport Summary

ISW Summary

Research Plan M. Zarnstorff (10/16/03)

Revised Diagnostics Plan D. Johnson (10/16/03)

Magnetic Sensor Design for NCSX Ed Lazarus (02/06/03)

Coil Group Meetings

Physics Meetings
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April 26, 2007

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