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Engineering > Configuration Control > RFDs > WBS 14
RFD Number Associated ECP Number Title Date Approved or Disapproved RFD Status
WBS 14 Requests for Deviation    
14-029   Change of Load & Flat Washer Material 10/22/2007 Approved.  Note placed on drawings.
14-028   Minimum Wall Thickness for Nut Clearance on Type C Modular Coils 5/15/2007 Approved.  Note placed on drawing.

Radiographic Waiver For Weld Upgrade To C6

3/12/2007 Approved.

Remaining B Castings (B2 thru B6) Thin Wall Condition

11/20/2006 Approved.
14-025   B Castings Counterbore Options 10/5/2006 Approved.  Note placed on drawing.
14-024   Bearing Plate Modification for Remaining B Castings 10/5/2006 Approved.  Note placed on drawing.

Vacuum Vessel Support Boss

10/5/2006 Approved.  Note placed on drawing.
14-022   Reorientation of Type B MCWFs Lead Slots 5/24/2006 Approved.  Note placed on drawing.
14-021   Substitution of Chiller Plate Material 5/16/2006 Approved.  Note placed on drawing.
14-020   Type A1 MCWF Flange Hole Modifications 5/22/2006 Approved. ECN 5128 will incorporate this change.
14-019   Adding Lifting Holes in Poloidal Break Shims 4/13/2006 Approved. ECN 5112 added as note.
14-018R2   Type A2-A6 MCWF Flange Hole Modifications 5/24/2006 Approved. ECN 5128R1 will incorporate this change.
14-017   Thermocouple Hole Location/Shape Changes 4/3/2006 Approved.
14-016   Bearing Plate Material Change 3/31/2006 Approved. ECN 5059R3 added as note.
14-015 042 MCWF Type C Port Openings 3/21/2006 Approved.
14-014   Machine Port Openings at Common Angle 2/21/2006 Approved. 
14-013R1 042 Change to Type C-4 Through C-6 Flange Seats from a Spherical Seat to a Conical Seat 2/17/2006 Approved.
14-012 042 Relaxation of Tolerances on Remaining Type C Castings 1/17/2006 Approved.
14-011   Change in Magnetic Permeability for MCWF Bearing Plates 12/20/2005 Approved.
14-010   Material Change for Terminal Lugs for MCWF 12/14/2005 Approved.  Add note to impacted drawing noting material change to C11000, hard.
14-009R1 038 Proposed Drawing Changes Resulting from Inspection of C1 Casting at PPPL 10/24/2005 Approved. CSPEC and Drawings to be updated by Oct 31st.
14-008 038 For C1 Only.  Add Additional G11CR Shim Pieces for the Poloidal Break 9/22/2005 Approved. CSPEC and Drawings  will be updated by Oct 31st.
14-007   Modular Coil Jumper Material Substitution 9/30/2005 Approved. CSPEC and Drawings  will be updated by Oct 31st.
14-006 038 Deletion of Erroneous Requirement in Section of the Modular Coil CSPEC (NCSX-CSPEC-141-03) 9/15/2005 Approved. CSPEC will be updated by Oct 31st.
14-005   For C1 only -Waiver of Post Machining Inspection for Internal Defects in High Stress Area & Radiography on Weld Repair 9/15/2005 Approved.
14-004 N/A Add fillets to Modular Coil Lower Lead Blocks to Aid Machining 7/25/2005 Approved with caveat that mating parts be chamfered to clear added fillets.
14-003 033 Relaxation of Material Testing Requirements 6/8/2005 Authorizes deviation to not require testing in transverse and longitudinal directions.
14-002 N/A Change in Dimensional Inspection Requirements for the C1 Casting 4/15/2005 Deleted requirement for second dimensional  inspection => deemed redundant.
14-001 028 RFD-14-001, Revised Location of Part Number in MCWF Casting 3/30/2005 Drawing SE-141-114 shows the reference location of the pattern/casting identification number for Type A coils. No change in that drawing is planned, at least not until all of the Type A coils are fabricated.


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