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Each user must establish their own password-protected electronic signature in accordance with the process described in NCSX procedure NCSX-PROC-005.  Note that Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (or later version) is required to do this.  NCSX-PROC-005 may be found on the NCSX Engineering Web page at:

Each user must then e-mail their validated certificates to the Systems Engineering Support Manager (  NCSX-PROC-005 specifies how to do this using either Outlook or Eudora.  The Systems Engineering Manager is responsible for maintaining the list of validated certificates.  When verifying signatures, users should first check the table of validated certificates to determine the names of the users and their validation numbers (called fingerprints in Adobe Acrobat).  They then can validate each signature in accordance with the process described in NCSX-PROC-005.

Check here to view the table of validated signatures.


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