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Metrology Photographs (Updated 9/28/2007):

Dimensional Control for the National Compact Stellarator Experiment Provides an overview NCSX, dimensional control requirements, measurement technology/methods, dimensional control of Modular Coils and Field Period, and Half Period Assembly Trials Ellis, et al.

June 2007

SOFE Conference

Assembly Sequence Plan Provides overall assembly sequence steps, provides a background of the key assembly elements, and provides current status of developing the Assembly Sequence Plan Brown August 2007 Lehman Review
Design and Development of the NCSX Modular Interfaces Reviews history and development of the design of the NCSX modular coil interfaces Heitzenroeder August 2007 Lehman Review
Metrology Issues Describes current status of metrology issues (since resolved) Heitzenroeder September 2007
Dimensional Control Concerns & Issues Presentation to CERN Engineers Heitzenroeder September 2007
CERN/W7X Visit (October 8-11, 2007) Viola/Raftopoulos/CERN 10/4/2007



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