NCSX Final Design Review, May 19-20, 2004

The Final Design Review (FDR) is planned as the project's key technical milestone prior to placing production contracts for the Modular Coil Winding Forms (MCWF) and the Vacuum Vessel Sub-Assembly (VVSA).

The results of the FDR will also factor into DOE's considerations for Critical Decision 3, "Approve Start of Fabrication."

The review will be chartered by PPPL and will report to the PPPL Director. The main technical issues for the review are:

  • Do the MCWF and VVSA designs satisfy the requirements, can they be manufactured and inspected, and are they ready to proceed with implementation?

  • Are the MCWF and VVSA product specifications, acceptance criteria, and other technical documentation adequate to proceed with procurement?

  • Are there sound plans in place for managing the MCWF and VVSA procurements?

  • Have recommendations from previous reviews that affect readiness to proceed with these procurements been appropriately addressed?

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