NCSX Performance Baseline Documentation
  1. Resource Loaded Schedule
  2. Project Master Schedule
    Master Schedule Legend
    NCSX Funding Profiles
  3. Total Estimated Cost (TEC) and Project Schedule
  4. CD-1 to CD-2 Scope Reductions
    Cost Summary
    Milestone Table
    CD2 Rates and Resource Codes
  5. Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary
  6. Work Breakdown Structure
  7. Risk Management
  8. Risk Management Plan
  9. Preliminary Design and Design Review

  10. System Functions and Requirements
  11. General Requirements Document

  12. Hazards Analysis and E.S.&H.
  13. Environmental Evaluation Notification Form
    Preliminary Hazards Analysis (Rev. 1)
    Environmental Assessment
    Finding of No Significant Impact
  14. Value Management/Engineering
  15. Report of Value Engineering Study
    Report of Manufacturing Value Engineering Studies
  16. Project Controls/Earned Value Management System
  17. NCSX Project Control Systems Review, Feb 27-28, 2003
    Panel Report
  18. Project Execution Plan
  19. Project Execution Plan (February 2004)
  20. Start-up Test Plan
  21. NCSX Test and Evaluation Plan
  22. Acquisition Strategy
  23. Acquisition Execution Plan
    NCSX Acquisition Strategy Review
  24. Integrated Project Team and Project Staffing
  25. Integrated Project Team

    Staff Training Plan
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Last update: November 21, 2007
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