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Review Title External Saddle Loops for Template Fabrication FDR
Date 13 December 2005
Cognizant Engineer George Labik
Responsible Line Manager Dave Johnson
Review Board Chairperson Larry Dudek
Review Board Members Tom Brown, Mike Cole, Dave Johnson, Paul Goranson, Frank Malinowski, Irv Zatz, Brad Nelson, Steve Raftopoulos, Wayne Reiersen, Brent Stratton, Mike Viola, Neil Pomphrey, Mike Zarnstorff, Larry Dudek
Invitees George Labik, Tom Brown, Mike Cole, Larry Dudek, Tom Egebo, Eric Fredrickson, Geoff Gettelfinger, Paul Goranson, Larry Guttadora, Dave Johnson, Ed Lazarus, Frank Malinowski, Jon Menard, Hutch Neilson, Brad Nelson, Neil Pomphrey, Steve Raftopoulos, Wayne Reiersen, Brent Stratton, Mike Viola, Mike Zarnstorff, Judy Malsbury, Jerry Levine, Jeff Makiel, Greg Pitonak, Mike Williams, John Edwards
Attendees George Labik, Larry Dudek, Wayne Reiersen, John Edwards, Irving Zatz, Tom Brown, Mike Viola, Mike Zarnstorff, Brent Stratton, Paul Goranson, M. Brown, Mike Cole, Brad Nelson

 PDR Charge is relevant

  1. Are the requirements well defined?
  2. Does the design address the requirements?
  3. Have interface been adequately defined?
  4. Has a procedure for installation been defined?
  5. have potential interferences been addressed?
  6. Has the schedule been addressed?
  7. Are the budget and resources adequate?

     Additional Charge

  1. Have all the relevant chits from the PDR been resolved?
  2. Is the technical documentation package for the template procurement ready for release for fabrication?
Design Review Material


Chits and Disposition


Review Board Report
Items Reviewed

Sat Unsat


Appropriate requirements identified    
Development plans and schedules
Regulatory compliance including USQD and NEPA  
Disposition of CHITS from previous reviews  
Cost objectives  

Other review objectives addressed

(Attachment 4 of ENG-033)


Summary of Results

 The review met the charge presented to the reviewers.  The distribution of the templates has been redefined.  The design addresses all the requirements and the interfaces have been defined.  There are sufficient CF flanges on the vertical port and the details of the junction box design are in progress and will be reviewed separately.  The installation method has been defined, but the detailed procedure will not be available until the Saddle Loops FDR is held.  The new design greatly reduces the potential for interferences.  Resource loaded schedules have been developed.  Four (4) chits were generated and dispositioned at the review.  This review was considered acceptable pending resolution of chits.


(check  one)

 1  Acceptable
  Acceptable pending resolution of concerns - CHITS identified above must be resolved prior to installation.
 1 Incomplete - Additional design work is required prior to another design review.

Cog Engineer Close-out

(check  when done)

 1 Action required by Disposition is complete

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