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18 Feb 2004 VV Cooling Tube Spacing Thermal Analysis Peer Review

Review Title

Peer Review for the VV Coolant Tube Spacing Thermal Analysis


18 Feb 2004

Cognizant Engineer

Kevin Freudenberg

Responsible Line Manager

Phil Heitzenroeder

Review Board Chairperson (Members)

Larry Dudek (P. Goranson, F. Dahlgren, R. Parsells)

Charge to Review Committee

Is the vacuum vessel local thermal and stress analysis adequate to predict the performance of the vessel cooling scheme? This cooling scheme consists of Inconel tubes clamped to the surface of the vessel across Grafoil pads. Helium gas flows through the tubes. This reviewers must decide specifically on the adequacy of the:
- number (spacing) of tubes
- spacing of clamps
- adequacy of analysis to predict performance

The helium thermal hydraulics will be the subject of a second peer review, and are assumed to be adequate to produce a constant temperature boundary condition in the tubes.





Other Material


Vacuum Vessel Cooling Tube Spacing Thermal Analysis (Freudenberg)

VV Thermal Analysis (NCSX-CALC-121-01-00_dA)

Update on VV Cooling Tube Spacing Thermal Analysis (provided by Freudenberg on 03 March 2004)


(See Project Disposition Plan)

Review Committee Report


Project Disposition Plan

Project Disposition Plan (Includes chits - Project dispositions being drafted)

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