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Engineering > Analysis Reports

Analysis reports are filed by WBS element.  Please click on the appropriate WBS identifier (WBS ID) below to view a list of analysis reports in that area.


Click here for guidelines for documenting analyses.


Global Models - Link is to Read Me file


Fault Analysis Models - Link is to Read Me file


Field Error Analyses - The Vacisld code was developed for NCSX to evaluate the effect of field error sources on islands in the plasma. It does so by calculating a field pertubation from a coils file and adding it to the plasma field taken from a VMEC equilibrium. The code has been described in powerpoint presentations found on field error correction with trim coils (see ppt files in this directory). It has been used to design trim coils, perform coil realignment and evaluate the effect of such things as high permeable materials, coil leads and coil fabrication and assembly errors.  In the case of permeable materials, the perturbation field is typically provided by a separate code (ie ANSYS, SPARK, or custom FORTRAN codes) and read into vacisld (see vacisld9r.f)


Note: For the calculations/analysses listed below, backup ANSYS and/or NASTRAN/PATRON Models are available in the native format (will need appropriate ANSYS/NASTRON/PATRON software to open).


March 2008 Presentation on  Operating Scenarios for Analyses and Fault Mode Analyses



WBS ID WBS Description
1 Stellarator Core Systems
11 Plasma Facing Components
12 Vacuum Vessel Systems
131 TF Coils
132 PF Coils
133 External Trim Coils
14 Modular Coils
15 Coil Support Structures
16 Coil Services
17 Cryostat and Base Support Structure
18 Field Period Assembly
19 Stellarator Core Management and Integration
2 Auxiliary Systems
3 Diagnostics
4 Electrical Power Systems
5 Central I&C Systems
6 Facility Systems
7 Test Cell Preparation and Machine Assembly
8 Project Oversight and Support
82 Project Engineering

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