NCSX Performance Baseline Review and External Independent Review
November 18-20, 2003

Two NCSX project reviews were held at PPPL November 18-20, 2003, to support the preparations for DOE Critical Decision 2 (CD-2), Approval of the Performance Baseline.

The Performance Baseline Review (PBR) was conducted by the Office of Science (SC). The review panel of researchers and managers from DOE, fusion, and other SC programs was chaired by Daniel Lehman, head of the Construction Management Support Division (SC-81). The purpose was to examine the design, cost, schedule, and management plans for NCSX and assess the project's readiness for CD-2.

The Performance Baseline Validation was conducted by the Office of Engineering and Construction Management (OECM). This review satisfied the DOE requirement for an External Independent Review (EIR) of a project of this size. The team was comprised of outside consultants, led by Gerald Westerbeck of Logistics Management Institute, McLean, VA. The primary purpose of this review was to validate the NCSX baseline, as proposed by the project, and provide reasonable assurance that the project can be successfully executed.

The NCSX Laboratory Preliminary Design Review (PDR), which is one of the pre-requisites for the PBR, was held October 7-9, 2003. The same baseline, denoted the "PDR Baseline," was presented to all three reviews. Documentation may be found under PDR Baseline Documentation. The final PDR panel report and the project's disposition plan are posted under Item 5 of the PDR Baseline Documentation page.

NCSX Team Photo

Office of Science (Lehman) Review

PBR Recommendations Update (May 10, 2004)

PBR Recommendations Disposition Plan (February 7, 2004)

Lehman Final Panel Report

Lehman Committee Photo

PBR Presentations


Subcommittee Assignment

Contact List


External Independent Review

Corrective Action Report (July 2004)

Final EIR Report (January 2004) (pdf)

EIR Committee Photo

Schedule - November 18-20, 2003 (pdf)

Project Responses to EIR Questions (pdf)

EIR Plan and Questions (pdf)

EIR Performance Baseline Review Scope Items:

- Resource Loaded Schedule
- Total Estimated Cost and Project Schedule
- Work Breakdown Structure
- Risk Management
- Preliminary Design and Design Review
- System Functions and Requirements
- Hazards Analysis
- Value Management/Engineering
- Project Controls/Earned Value Management System
- Project Execution Plan
- Start-up Test Plan
- Acquisition Strategy
- Integrated Project Team

Charge to External Independent Review (EIR) team (pdf)

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