NCSX Research Forum   
The entire NCSX national research team and prospective collaborating researchers are cordially invited to participate in the research forum.

The Forum results will inform the planning of the research program, expected to start in FY09.

  • Discuss the NCSX research program priorities and opportunities
  • Identify areas of expected interest and capability
Thursday, 7 December

H. Neilson — NCSX Project and Organization (ppt 10.8 MB)

M. Zarnstorff — NCSX Physics and Research Program Overview (ppt 4.5 MB)

E. Fredrickson — Configuration Mapping (ppt 4.1 MB)

D. Mikkelsen — Transport (ppt 828 kB)

E. Fredrickson — Stability (ppt 372 kB)

R. Maingi — Boundary (pdf 4.6 MB)  (ppt 2.5 MB)

B. Stratton — Diagnostics (ppt 1.7 MB)   NCSX Port Dimensions (pdf 648 kB)   NCSX Port Map (pdf 132 kB)

A. Reiman — Theory and Modeling (ppt 204 kB)

Friday, 8 December (LSB318)

S. Okamura — "Study of Electric Field and Turbulence using Heavy Ion Beam Probe (HIBP)" (ppt 47 kB) (pdf 16 kB)

J. Boedo — "UCSD Collaboration" (ppt 7.4 MB)

F. Levinton — "Diagnostic Neutral Beam Development in NCSX" (pdf 7.1 MB)

D. Stutman — "Dual Energy SXR Tomography System for Equilibrium, MHD and Transport Studies in NCSX" (pdf 320 kB)

R. Granetz/J. Rice — "MIT Collaboration" (ppt 984 kB)

J. Hanson — "V3FIT Collaboration" (pdf 96 kB)

10:00 am   S. Knowlton — "Auburn Collaboration" (ppt 1.6 MB)   (pdf 8 MB)

K.C. Shaing — "Transport Processes in the Vicinity of a Magnetic Island" (pdf 136 kB)

D. Hill — "LLNL Collaboration" (ppt 4.6 MB)

D. Rasmussen — "ECH Startup + 57 MHz HHFW" (ppt 2 MB)

T. Evans — "DIII-D 3-D Edge Physics Capabilities" (ppt 4.9 MB)

D. Humphreys — "GA PCS Collaboration" (pdf 12.1 MB)

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Forum questions: Mike Zarnstorff
 Phone: (609) 243-3581   E-mail:

Additional short presentations: Rajesh Maingi
 Phone: (609) 243-3176   E-mail:

NCSX Project secretary: Pamela Hampton
 Phone: (609) 243-2653   E-mail:

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