NCSX Office of Science Project Review, November 2-3, 2005

This review was conducted to evaluate the Project's cost, scope and schedule performance to date, and its future plans. This information enables the SC to determine whether the NCSX Project is meeting performance goals, and to convey any concerns and/or recommendations to the Project the committee may have.

SC Project Reviews Recommendations Log

SC Interim Assessment Report, Feb 2006

SC November 2005 Review Commitee Report

Resource-loaded schedule

BA/BO Analysis

Milestone Table

SC Cost Table

Budget by WBS and Year

Cost-performance Report, Sept 2005

Engineering Change PRoposal, ECP-039

Critical Issues List

"NCSX Construction Progress and Research Plans"

by G.H. Neilson, et al. Presented at the Twenty-First Symposium on Fusion Engineering
26–29 September 2005, Knoxville, Tennessee USA.

NCSX Project Review Presentation, The Review Team
Part I (PDF)    Part II (PPT)

Federal Project Director's Overview, G. Pitonak and J. Makiel (PDF)

Project Overview and Management, H. Neilson (PDF)

MCWF Procurement, P. Heitzenroeder (PDF)

VVSA Procurement, M. Viola (PDF)

Stellarator Core Design, B. Nelson (PDF)

On-Site Fabrication Overview, L. Dudek (PDF)

Coil Winding, J. Chrzanowski (PDF)

Field Period Assembly, T. Brown (PDF)

  vv mc env.mpg   FPA Left Side.mpg

Risk Assessment Summary, W. Reiersen (PDF)

Cost and Schedule Summary, R. Strykowsky (PDF)

Meeting Information

Charge      Agenda      Review Committee Participants

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