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Engineering > Configuration Control > RFDs > WBS 12
RFD Number Associated ECP Number Title Date Approved or Disapproved RFD Status
WBS 12 Requests for Deviation    
12-024   Remove trimming of VVSA Seal Plates 10/22/2007 Approved. "Stamp"  added.
12-023   Rearrangement of VV1 Cooling Tubes 4/25/2007 Approved. "Stamp"  added.
12-022   Replacement of Scrapped VVSA #3 Flanges on the Spacer Assembly 5/22/2006 Approved.
12-021   VVSA Flange Seal Holes 4/28/2006 Approved. "Stamp"  added.
12-020   NCSX VVSA Flange Seal O-Ring Groove 4/24/2006 Approved. ECN 5123 added as note.
12-019R1   Welp Prep on Port Extensions 4/12/2006 Approved. ECN 5111 added as note.
12-018   Leak Check Tube and Block Location 4/11/2006 Approved. ECN 5118 added as note.
12-017   Port Attachment Weld Deviation Request 4/21/2006 Approved. ECN 5121 added as note.
12-016   NCSX VVSA Flange Seal Weld 4/5/2006 Approved. ECN 5115 added as note. CSPEC needs to be updated.
12-015   NCSX VVSA Spacer Machining 3/1/2006 Approved. Modify CSPEC by 3/7/2006. ECN 5114 added as note.
12-014   Elimination of  Weld Relief on End Covers 2/21/2006 Approved. Modify CSPEC by 3/7/2006.  ECN 5082 added as note.
12-013   Deletion of NCSX VVSA Bake Out and Thermal Cycling for 2nd and 3rd 120 VVSA Segments 2/17/2006 Approved. Modify CSPEC by 3/7/2006
12-012   Waiver of NCSX VVSA Third Thermal Cycle for 1st 120 VVSA Segment 2/16/2006 Approved. Modify CSPEC by 3/7/2006
12-011   Relax tolerances on Manifold Bends 2/14/2006 Approved.
12-010   NCSX NB Seal / Cover Plate Assembly 1/20/2006 Approved. Drawing to be modified to change other VVSA segment NB seal/cover plate assemblies.  ECN 5117 added as note.
12-009   NCSX Vessel Port Manufacture 10/24/2005 Approved. Option 1 selected.  ECN 5113 added as note.

Change in Seal and Port Cover Material

10/20/2005 Disapproved - Inconel required.  Howerver, MTM is still free to suggest an alternate material for the plate if they can find one that is compatible with bakeout (i.e., acceptable thermal stresses).
12-007   NCSX Vessel Port Pre-Assembly and Blank-Off for Vacuum Testing 8/22/2005 Disapproved - leak checking ok, but PPPL needs all the blank off flanges for testing at PPPL.
12-006 032 NCSX Vessel Port Manufacture 5/27/2005 Authorization to manufacture 2.5" pipe and 3.5" pipe from ASTM 625 plate.
12-005 N/A NCSX Vessel Port Manufacture 5/18/2005 DISAPPROVED - Search for more Sch40 pipe - Project will evaluate Sch10 splicing strategy.
12-004 N/A VVSA Leak Check Tube/Block Weld 4/4/2005 It is permissible to replace the weld with a braze joint using a silver free braze material (Nicrobraz). ECN 5109 added as note.
12-003 N/A VVSA Tube Clip Thickness 4/4/2005 The use of any gauge in the range of 0.01 to 0.02 will be acceptable to the Laboratory provided it is Inconel 625 alloy, and is found to perform adequately by the vendor.  ECN 5110 added as note.
12-002R1 027 RFD-12-002, Substitution of Schedule 10 for Schedule 40 Piping 3/24/2005 Incorporated in Rev 5 of NCSX-CSPEC-121-02.  ECN 4972 added as note.
12-001 025 RFD-12-001 - Approval to use ASTM B705 and ASTM B443 for Manufacture of Piping from Plate 3/10/2005 Incorporated in Rev 5 of NCSX-CSPEC-121-02


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