Critical Decision-3 Approve Start of Fabrication, September 16, 2004

Critical Decision 3 was approved on September 16, 2004.
Critical Decision 3 (CD-3) provides authorization to complete all procurement and construction and/or implementation activities and authorizes the planning, implementing, and completion of all acceptance and turnover activities. This decision authorizes the project to commit all the resources necessary, within the funds provided, to execute the project.
Key activities that take place leading up to CD-3 approval include final design, manufacturing development, preparation for major procurements, and development of follow-on fabrication, assembly, test and evaluation, and operational readiness plans.

Three project reviews were conducted to support CD-3 for NCSX:
  1. NCSX Informal SC Project Review
    conducted by the Office of Science (September 2004)

  2. Independent Project Review
    conducted by the Office of Science (June 2004)

  3. Final Design Review (FDR)
    conducted by PPPL (May 2004)

ESAAB Material

"Critical Decision 3 for NCSX" (pdf 17.9 MB)
G. Pitonak Presentation, September 2004

CD-3 Approval Memorandum, September 16, 2004
(Signatures on file)

CD-3 Documentation
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