ARIES Meeting
October 2-4, 2002
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory



Wednesday, October 2

10:00 FS Lifetime Assessment and Self-Consistent Nuclear Parameters (PDF 872K) - L. El-Guebaly

10:20 Recycling of Target Materials vs One-Shot Use Scenario (PDF 140K) - L. El-Guebaly

10:40 Final Focus Magnet Shielding Design (PPT 2.3 MB) - Latkowski (Meier)

2:10 Coolant Cleanup and Process Requirements (PDF 203K) - Sviatoslavsky/ El-Guebaly

2:30 Experimental Results for Thin and Thick Walls (PPT 9.2 MB) - M. Yoda/Abdel-Khalik

3:50 Beamline Gas Dynamics (PPT 1.7 MB) - Debonnel

4:15 3-D Simulations of Magnetic Shutters (PPT 220K) - D. Rose

4:25 Beam Chamber Transport Requirements
for Flibe Vapor Pressure and Aeorsol Conditions
(PPT 2 MB) - C. Olson

4:55 Beam Interaction with Chamber Aerosols (PPT 308K) - D. Rose/Welch

Thursday, October 3

8:30 Status and Objectives of Pinched Mode Studies (PPT 31K) - S. Yu

8:40 Channel Formation for Assisted Pinched Transport (PDF 1.2 MB) - S. Neff

8:55 Modeling of Assisted and Self-Pinch Transport (PPT 220K) - D. Rose

9:10 Beam Steering Capability for Target Position Uncertainty (PPT 4.5 MB) - S. Yu

9:25 Pulsed Normal Magnets for Final Focusing (PPT 588K) - D. Shuman

10:10 Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking (PPT 2.2MB) - R. Petzoldt

1:15 Review of Existing Stellarator Reactor Studfies (PDF 1MB) - J. Lyon

2:15 Compact Stellarators (PPT 6.2 MB) - H. Neilson

3:00 Physics Issues and Optimization Codes (PDF 2MB) - M. Zarnstorff

4:00 Initial Evaluation of Computational Tools for Stability
of Compact Stellarator Reactor Designs
(PDF 68K) - A. Turnbull

4:15 Key Engineering Issues and Constraints (PDF 1.3 MB) - P. Heitzenroeder

Friday, October 4

8:30 Stellarator Reactor Optimization/Assessment Tools (PDF 240K) - J. Lyon

9:30 NCSX Configuration Optimization Process (PPT 2.3 MB) - Long-Po Ku

10:45 Proposed Configuration Development Approach (PPT 376K) - H. Neilson

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