Office of Science Project Review, December 7, 2004

The purpose of this review is to evaluate the Project's cost and schedule performance subsequent to the approval of Critical Decision 3 (CD-3) Start of Construction on September 16, 2004. This information will help the Office of Science (SC) determine that the NCSX Project is meeting the SC project performance goals, and provide recommendations to address any issues.

Review Information
Final Committee Report

NCSX SC Reviews Recommendations Log



Contact List


Resource Loaded Schedule

BA/BO Analysis

Budget Table by WBS and Year

Milestone Table

Cost Performance Metrics
Cost Performance Report

Status Bar Charts
Risk-based Contingency Analysis

Updated Critical Issues List

Updated PEP

NCSX Critical Spares Assessment and Plan

NCSX FDR Recommendations Log

IPT and Project Staffing

Closeout Briefing

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