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2005 Scientific Conference NCSX Papers and Posters

ISW Fifteenth International Stellarator Workshop
Madrid, Spain
3–7 October 2005
Reiersen W, Hietzenroeder P, Neilson GH, Nelson B, Zarnstorff M, et al.
"Progress in NCSX and QPS Design and Construction"
(Pdf 807 kB)
SOFE Twenty-First Symposium on Fusion Engineering
Knoxville, Tennessee USA
26–29 September 2005
Chrzanowski JH, Fogarty PJ, Heitzenroeder PJ, Meighan T, Nelson B, Raftopoulos S, Williamson D
"Manufacturing Development of the NCSX Modular Coil Windings"
(Pdf 819 kB)   (Poster—ppt 33.8 MB)

Kalish M, Rushinski J, Myatt L, Brooks A, Dahlgren F, Chrzanowski J, Reiersen W, Freudenberg K
"NCSX Toroidal Field Coil Design"
(Pdf 1.7 MB)   (Poster—ppt 6.8 MB)

Ku LP and the ARIES-CS Team
"Reactor Configuration Development for ARIES-CS"
(Pdf 239 kB)    (Poster—ppt 1.6 MB)

Ku LP and the ARIES-CS Team
"Modular Coil Design for the Ultra-Low Aspect Ratio Quasi-Axially Symmetric Stellarator MHH2"
(Pdf 284 kB)   (Poster—ppt 524 KB)

Neilson GH, Heitzenroeder P, Lyon J, Nelson B, Reiersen W, et al.
"NCSX Construction Progress and Research Plans"
(Pdf 1.1 MB)   (Poster—ppt 38.9 MB)

Nelson B, Benson R, Berry L, Brooks A, Cole M, et al.
"Engineering Design Status of the Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator (QPS)"
(Pdf 4.1 MB)   (Poster—ppt 42 MB)

Reiersen WT, Neilson GH
"Engineering Management Lessons on NCSX"
(Pdf 170 kB)   (Poster—ppt 728 KB)

Viola ME, Brown T, Heitzenroeder P, Malinowski F, Reiersen W, et al.
"NCSX Vacuum Vessel Fabrication"
(Pdf 613 kB)    (Poster—ppt 5.4 MB)

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