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The purpose of these this page is to provide a single point of contact for all NCSX training related information.  The following information is provided below:

  • NCSX Training Plan - this plan provides the general training requirements framework of the NCSX training program and how this training program will be implemented during the  design, fabrication, and construction phases of the project. At the same time, this plan will address how QA criterion will be satisfied.  Operational training requirements will be addressed at a later time.

  • NCSX Task-Specific Training Matrices - this section provides training requirement for specific training activities (e.g., Modular Coil Manufacturing Activities.

  • NCSX Training Modules - these modules provide NCSX Project personnel with a self-guided tutorial of the main features of the NCSX Project Web, NCSX Engineering Web, and the specific details on how the NCSX Project will do business, including specific guidance on project procedures, processes, and documents.  Training sessions are also offered to ensure that all personnel receive periodic training.  Each training module is targeted to be completed in one 45 minute session, although some may take slightly longer.

  • NCSX Training Forms - provides training documentation forms to record topic of the training, date of training, and names of personnel attending the training session.

  • NCSX Record of Training - matrix of NCSX personnel and the dates that they were trained in specific modules.

  • Human Resources Training Web page - link to the PPPL Training Department Web page.



NCSX Training Plan NCSX-PLAN-TRNG-02

Approved NCSX-Specific Training Matrices

NCSX Training Modules
NCSX Training Forms Blank Attendance Records
NCSX Training Records Training Record Matrix (3/28/2006)
PPPL Training Web Human Resources Training Web Page

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