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Disposition Log (January 2002 - Update)
Progress Report (September 2001)  

FESAC letter on NCSX - June 7, 2001

Report of the NCSX Physics Validation Review Panel - March 26-28, 2001

Report of the FESAC PoP Sub-panel - March, 2001

Entire PVR Report
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Motivation and Goals
Chapter 2 - Physics Design
Chapter 3 - Engineering Design
Chapter 4 - Equilibrium and Flux Surface Integrity
Chapter 5 - Ideal MHD Stability
Chapter 6 - Resistive Stability
Chapter 7 - Plasma Heating 
Chapter 8 - Transport
Chapter 9 - Configuration Flexibility and Robustness
Chapter 10 - Discharge Scenarios
Chapter 11 - Power and Particle Handling and First Wall
Chapter 12 - Diagnostics
Chapter 13 - Project Plans and Management
Chapter 14 - Reactor Potential of Compact Stellarators
Authors and NCSX Team
Glossary and Definitions


Charge to PVR Committee

FESAC Robustness Issue

NCSX PVR Contact List (as of 3/23)

Draft PVR Meeting Agenda (Revised 3/24)


PVR Presentations
The Compact Stellarator Program & NCSX (Hutch Neilson)
Physics Overview (Mike Zarnstorff)
Magnetic Surfaces (Allan Reiman)
Transport Assessment (Dave Mikkelsen)
Coil Flexiblity and profile Robustness (Neil Pomphrey)
Investigations of Discharge Evolution Scenarios for the Li383 Configuration (Ed Lazarus)
Ideal MHD Stability of NCSX (Guo-Yong Fu)
EM Design and Resistive Stability (Eric Fredrickson)
Coil Design to Achieve Physics Properties in NCSX (Steve Hirshman)
Benchmarking VMEC (Steve Hirshman)
Power and Particle Control in NCSX (Peter Mioduszewski)
NCSX Heating: Neutral Beam Injection (Henry Kugel)
RF Heating for NCSX (Dick Majeski)
A Plan for Diagnostic Implementation & Diagnostic Interface Issues  (Dave Johnson or Ken Young)
NCSX Design Overview (Brad Nelson and Phil Heitzenroeder)
Modular Modulation (Phil Heitzenroeder)
Compact Stellarator Reactor Vision, FESAC Goal, and Program Requirements (Hutch Neilson)
NCSX Management, Budgets, Plans, and Summary (Hutch Neilson)