National Stellarator Physics Teleconferences

April 24, 2008
Experimental Test of Quasisymmetry in HSX (pdf)
J. Talmadge, University of Wisconsin

March 20, 2008
Recent Progress in the Stellarator Moment Equation Approach (pdf)
S. Nishimura, NIFS, Japan

March 6, 2008
Recent Progress of High-ion-temperature Experiments in LHD
M. Yokoyama, NIFS, Japan

January 10, 2008
The High Density Core Regime in LHD (pdf)
J. Harris, ORNL

September 27, 2007
Ballooning Modes in Quasi-symmetric Stellarators (pdf)
Andrew Ware, University of Montana

June 21, 2007
Pressure-induced Breaking of Equilibrium Flux Surfaces in the W7AS Stellarator (pdf 860 kB)
A. Reiman, PPPL

April 19, 2007
Zonal Flows in Stellarators (pdf 304 kB)
H. Mynick, PPPL

March 22, 2007
Development of Moment Approach for Neoclassical Transport in Stellarators
S. Nishimura, NIFS, Japan

February 1, 2007
MHD Activity Induced Symmetric Breaking in Tokamaks and Its Consequences
(pdf 1.6 MB) K.C. Shaing, University of Wisconsin

December 14, 2006
Theory at ORNL
(ppt 20 kB) D. Spong, ORNL

Equilibrium Reconstruction in Stellarators
(ppt 56 kB) J. Hanson, Auburn University

Stellarator Theory Activities at Wisconsin
(ppt 52 kB) C. Hegna, University of Wisconsin

Transport Processes in the Vicinity of a Magnetic Island
(pdf 28 kB) K. Shaing, University of Wisconsin

M3D Plans
(pdf 20 kB) H. Strauss, NYU

Overview of PPPL Stellarator Theory Plan
(pdf 12 kB) A. Reiman, PPPL

Stellarator Transport Studies
(pdf 80 kB) H. Mynick, PPPL

Plans for Energetic Particle Work on M3D
(ppt 12 kB) G.Y. Fu, PPPL

The HINST Code
(pdf 16 kB) N. Gorelenkov, PPPL

PIES Code Plans
(pdf 24 kB) D. Monticello, PPPL

November 30, 2006
Heat Load on Divertors in NCSX
 Tom Kaiser (LLNL)

September 28, 2006
The Columbia Non-neutral Torus: Status, Plans, and Opportunities for Theory Research
(Compressed verson)
 Thomas Pedersen, Columbia University

June 13, 2006
Perturbing QA Stellarators: What Helps & What Hurts Confinement (pdf 384 KB)
 H. Mynick, PPPL

May 11, 2006
CTH - Status, Plans and Opportunities (pdf 704 KB)
 S. Knowlton, Auburn University

March 9, 2006
HSX: Status, Plans, and Opportunities for Theory Research (pdf 1 MB)
 Joe Talmadge, University of Wisconsin

January 26, 2006
Equilibrium Neoclassical Plasma Flows in Stellarators (pdf 5.4 MB) (ppt 2.9 MB)
 Don Spong, ORNL

December 15, 2005
Comparison of Microinstability Properties for Stellarator Magnetic Geometries (pdf 7.3 MB)
 G. Rewoldt, et al., PPPL

September 8, 2005
Ray Tracing for Ballooning Modes in Quasi-Symmetric Devices (pdf 2.1 MB)
 A. Ware, University of Montana

Direct Calculation of the Ballooning Eigenvalue Derivatives with Respect to Surface Label, Field Line Label and Ballooning Parameter (ppt 228 KB)
 S. Hudson, PPPL

July 28, 2005
Reconstructing the Equilibrium of W7-AS
 M. Zarnstorff, PPPL (pdf 576 KB)

May 26, 2005
Equilibrium Reconstruction in Stellarators
 J. Hanson, Auburn University

Effect of Plasma Flow on the Penetration of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
 in a Quasi-Axisymmetric Stellarator"

 A. Reiman, PPPL

March 24, 2005
Stellarator Theory At Columbia A. Boozer (pdf 656 KB)

February 10, 2005

Reports on US-Japan JIFT Workshop on Stellarator Theory
A. Boozer (pdf 204 KB)

D. Monticello (pdf 158 KB)

A. Ware (ppt 28 KB)

December 16, 2004

Current and Future Stellarator Theory Physics Topics Don Spong, ORNL (pdf 10.8 MB)

September 23, 2004

Magnetics Measurements in NCSX: SVD/PCA Methods and Results N. Pomphrey, PPPL
(ppt 1.1 MB) (pdf 836 KB)

The Effect on Neoclassical Transport of a Fluctuating Electrostatic Spectrum H. Mynick, PPPL
(pdf 184 KB)

August 12, 2004


3D Edge Issues in Tokamaks, T. Evans (GA) (pdf 7.6 MB)

Towards an Efficient Placement of Magnetic Diagnostics on NCSX, N. Pomphrey (PPPL)

July 8, 2004


NCSX Edge Modeling Calculations with VMEC/MFBE A. Grossman, UCSD (pdf 6 MB)

NCSX Edge Modeling Calculations with PIES T. Kaiser, LLNL (pdf 600 KB)

June 3, 2004


Overview of Edge Modeling Issues and Goals, P. Mioduszewski, ORNL (ppt 1.4 MB)

Review of Japanese LHD Divertor Work, A. Grossman, UCSD (pdf 1.8 MB)

April 15, 2004

Reports on the US-Japan Workshop New approaches in plasma confinement experiments in helical systems held in Kyoto March 2-4.

March 11, 2004

Influence of Pressure-gradient, Shear on Ballooning Stability (pdf 524 KB) (PPT)
Stuart Hudson (PPPL)

Finite Larmor Radius Stabilization of Ideal Ballooning Instabilities in 3-D plasmas (pdf 352 KB) (PPT)
Chris Hegna (University of Wisconsin)
J.G. Wohlbier (LLNL)

February 5, 2004

Reactors with Stellarator Stability and Tokamak Transport (SSTT) (pdf 272KB)
Paul Garabedian (NYU)

Systems Studies for the ARIES Project (pdf 836 KB)
Jim Lyon (ORNL)

July 17, 2003

Nonlinear MHD Stability of the LHD, W7-AS and MHH2 (pdf 236KB)
P.R. Garabedian (NYU)

Equilibrium and Stability in Stellarators: Thoughts from a Tokamak Perspective (pdf 88KB)
A.D. Turnbull (General Atomics)

June 19, 2003

Equilibrium and Stability in Stellarators: Thoughts from a Tokamak Perspective (pdf 88KB)
A.D. Turnbull (General Atomics)

High-beta Experiments on W7AS and Possible Implications (pdf 912 KB)
M.C. Zarnstorff (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
In collaboration with MP-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany

May 22, 2003

Overview of Stellarator Theory at the University of Montana (pdf 153KB) (PPT 976KB)
Andrew Ware (Univ. Montana)

Status Report on M3D Stellarator Work - Hank Strauss (NYU)

April 10, 2003
Minutes (pdf 8KB)


Status of the 3D Equilibrium Reconstruction Code (V3FIT) Project (pdf 153KB) - Lang Lao (GA)

Recent Progress on QPS (ppt 3.3MB) (pdf 402KB) - Don Spong (ORNL)

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